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Payday Loans Without Envelope Pay with Guarantor

Requesting a payday loan involves the submission of a series of documents and in most cases also of the pay slip: this is because this document certifies the applicant’s working position and ensures the return of the sum obtained.

Payday loans without representing your pay slip but with guarantor

Payday loans

But if you have a pay slip that cannot guarantee the return of the sum requested for the entire loan coverage period on the card or you do not have a salary at all then a paycheck, then you have to make use of other guarantees to present to obtain a loan for unemployed.

Obtaining a loan without your pay slip!

Obtaining a loan without your pay slip!

Given the current economic difficulties of European countries and beyond, more and more banks and credit institutions give the possibility of obtaining a payday loan without a pay slip, meeting the needs of those who have difficulties, requesting as guarantor the figure of a guarantor, a that is, a person who can guarantee the coverage of the debt, for example through a surety with the benefit of a jury or with a solidarity.

Even if an income deriving from a rent for a property is perceived, obtaining a loan without a pay slip will normally be possible, provided that the other requirements are respected.

To obtain a substantial sum, additional guarantees may be required, such as the mortgage on a property that you own or the presence of a co-holder, and the timing will generally be longer than expected for small loans.

Loan of Honor: Students can also get a loan!

Loan of Honor: Students can also get a loan!

A category that deserves further consideration is that of students, who may need a small sum to finance their studies even though they do not yet have a fixed income. In this case, there are ad hoc solutions with a subsidized rate: if you fit into this case history, you are oriented towards a loan of honor.

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